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  1. Amnesiac

    Poisonous. [language, abuse]

    The first time it happened, I was eight years old. My mom was doing her hair in the bathroom. I ran in to tell her that there was a black widow on the wall in my bedroom. Before a word left my lips, I was met with a slap, then another, and that was followed by another, as she yelled at me for...
  2. A

    Goodbye, Gaston

    It was the most curious & intimate experience to have someone die in your arms. Some experimental and unorthodox construction devices. So don't even go there. Thanks. . Farewell, Gaston . My uncle, Gaston, mum's older brother, died whilst I cradled him in the crook of me arms. He lay...
  3. Driver's Ed 101

    Driver's Ed 101

    She was well into her fifties, when daddy ran her down on the road to enlightenment. Eighteen wheels of ignorance never leaves pretty roadkill. There had been signs along the way of course, but they were hidden by the forest of family trees. Sounds of daddy, raging at the television as Dr...