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  1. Stormcat

    Getting into "The Flow" while Writing.

    What The Flow Is We've all experienced it at some point in our lives, and not necessarily always while writing. I'd like to try and induce it while I write in hopes I can write better and faster. I have been trying ever so hard to bring it about, but it seems like I can only write a paragraph...
  2. lumino

    A Better Way to Write

    The things I write do not sound good, myself not doing what I should, to set down roughly all my thoughts and render then their roughness naught. Intending lofty, cadenced words to be in all my writing heard, but thoughts of mine not fully framed, the words I write I cannot tame. And thus do...
  3. lumino

    Flow of Content Problem

    I like to revise as I write, because I feel like it's the only way to make sure I get the sentence structure and rhythm I want, but when I do that, sometimes I get the content all tangled up. It doesn't flow from beginning to end properly, and it many times it gets convoluted. I think I just...
  4. lumino

    Is there anything wrong with these sentences?

  5. lumino

    Expressing Multiple Ideas in the Same Sentence

    Is it wrong to write a single sentence that moves through multiple ideas from one to the next, as long as the sentence is not difficult to read? If so, does one idea have to have a smooth logical connection to the next? If so, then wouldn't that mean that separate sentences also should not...
  6. Writer One

    I think I got it?

    Each word and sentence is part of the flow of the story, that's why the subject and predicate? This is what I get of ten years of general writing with e-mail without editing. How many words or paragraphs constitute a short story? If I am right I will never write about this again :1stars: . When...
  7. Writer One

    Want to be understood.

    I will be honest, to me the subject itself tells the reader what the piece is about. That's the way I see it. Everything else is babbling. Of course one word does not tell the whole story. The story itself might have more or less information about the story. To many words might lose the jest of...