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flash fiction

  1. yft

    525 words

    I must admit that rather than demonic voices chanting mantras in my head or shifty cherubs whispering sweet temptation in my ears, it was silence that convinced me, like a reaffirming tap-tap on the shoulder as I survey the twisted wreck of my car, that I had done the right thing. It was when I...
  2. P

    Two Of My O: JA&L Essays Re-Published on Facebook

    OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters re-published two of my pieces on their Facebook site. They republished An Essential Reading List: Flash Fiction/ Sudden Fiction/ Short-Short Fiction Anthologies, Collections, and Instruction Books at https://www.facebook.com/ojalart/?ref=page_internal (See it in...
  3. PiP

    Call for Submissions: Flashes - Poetry and Fiction

    SUBMISSION GUIDELINES Flashes is seeking previously unpublished work in the English language only. Work self-published to personal blogs and noticeboards will not be excluded. Submissions should be properly edited and submitted in manuscript format. Accepted file types are .doc or .docx . Other...
  4. P

    Interview With Me @ Centifictionist

    The Centifictionist did a short interview with me and it went online last night. See it at https://thecentifictionist.home.blog/2020/02/24/microinterview-pamelyn-casto/ In April they'll be publishing my microfiction, Blocked Sewage, and I think they have a fine idea to run writer interviews...
  5. P

    My Essay Published: A Close Reading of Charles Baudelaire's "To Each His Own Chimera"

    My latest featured essay, A CloseReading of Charles Baudelaire’s “To Each His Own Chimera,” went live yesterday.Hope you get to read it. See it at...
  6. PiP

    Interview with Flash Fiction Enthusiast, Pamelyn Casto

    Our featured interview for February 2019 is with Pamelyn Casto. She is twice a Pushcart Prize nominee, has published feature-length articles on flash fiction in Writer’s Digest (and in their other publications), Fiction Southeast, Abstract Magazine, and OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters. Her...
  7. P

    My "A Close Reading" Feature Column

    OPEN: Journal of Arts & Letters has asked me to write a regular feature column for them called "A Close Reading." My latest essay, A Close Reading of Molly Giles' "The Writer's Model" went live this morning. I hope you find my essay interesting and helpful in exploring outstanding flash fiction...
  8. P

    My Publishing News

    (I was told this is the place to announce writing successes. Today's the first time I've used this Beyond the Forum section.) Here's more of my latest writing news. Fiction Southeast published my essay The Artistic Temperament And A Writer's Need For Privacy. Read it at...
  9. M

    Reading Short Stories vs Flash Fiction

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if you prefer reading short stories or flash fiction, and why? I have noticed a definite hesitancy on writing forums and blogs to read short stories, especially ones that are over 4000 words. It seems a lot of readers nowadays are drawn to reading short, sharp...
  10. M

    The Horror of War (Flash Fiction)

    Here is a little flash fiction piece I wrote. Thank you for clicking and reading! :-) It’s not that I am in a straight jacket in this place of eternal institution of the physical and the mental that bothers me. It’s the fact that the Lab Coats look at me sideways, like all the war boys sent...
  11. M

    Wind *language*

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here for a while, this is a piece of flash fiction I knocked out recently. Thank you for the read :-) You can be a lazy fucker and get away with it, trust me. I saw a guy, a lazy guy, who always mowed the grass verge by the underpass, but he never collected the grass...
  12. PiP

    Coffee Break: Who's Up Next On Flashes of Brilliance?

    Looking for a good read while you put your feet up with a cup of coffee or your favourite beverage? Check out <'Flashes of Brilliance'> for the latest WF member fiction, poetry and interviews!
  13. M

    This Darling World (Flash Fiction)

    This is a piece of flash fiction that is open to interpretation. Fleeting tides and folding skies, there’s a rough diamond in their eyes. This darling world needs a twin sister. They send an Inspector across their map, and he pushes his way out of an addicts scab. He leaves the druggie...
  14. M

    The Devil's Wedding (Flash Fiction)

    A little piece of experimental flash fiction. Thank you for reading! Steven James always asked for a short back and sides and settled for a 9 to 5. On weekday evenings when he returned home from the gym he did school homework for Joe, while Joe insisted he wanted good grades. Steven James...
  15. M

    The Wait at Sandy Station Motel (Flash Fiction)

    This is a little flash fiction piece I wrote. It is surreal and open to interpretation. Today I sit on a rock in front of what is left of my business: rusted beams from its structure and a yellow sign still with its red lettering clear: Sandy Station Motel. It could still represent a life not...
  16. Apex Predator

    "The Frozen Army" (503 Words)

    [This is an attempt at Flash Fiction which I've written for a creative writing class. Hopefully you enjoy it & I could get some useful feedback.] After the Soviet Empire annexed half of Europe, they immediately began planning a long-term plan to conquer the rest of the free world. However...
  17. Optiluiz

    Seafood - (974 words)

    Hi everyone! This is my first time posting a story for critique, and I'm kinda nervous about it :P. I wrote this flash fiction story a few weeks back and I'd like to know what you guys think about it. I've submitted it to a couple of magazines already, but any help would be appreciated to make...
  18. J.L. Franklin


    Flurries danced around us like maddened faeries. I cupped her face in my hands; my caramel skin contrasting with her pale skin. Her skin was so cold, so frigid, but it was full of everlasting life. I couldn’t withdraw from the endless pools of teal that swirled with my own hazel eyes. I...
  19. DCG

    Janelle [836 Words]

    Clyde Bixby walks with a heavy step, and subtle imbalance. For Clyde, life on the interim between chapters is about as unsurprising as a sitcom that has run its course. The money is good but, though he doesn't know it, Clyde Bixby is a dying man. Tonight, when he got back from work he threw his...
  20. mblank

    The Cliff Diving Dilemma - 300 word flash fiction

    Hi everyone. I'm new to writing forums and this is the first story I'm posting. I appreciate any comments or thoughts! The Cliff Diving Dilemma Pretty Pete stood staring over the precipice, his mouth drying as he gazed at the sparkling water sixty feet below. He...