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first person

  1. ehbowen

    Hotbox! — Complete Hard-SF Novella, 7.2K words

    The following was written so long ago that I had to clean out some of the formatting artifacts from WordPerfect 4.0 for Amiga...and some may remain, so please forgive me! The story is set in a fictional lunar colony in the near future, built around the original landing site of Apollo 17 in the...
  2. Elsey2

    1st or 3rd person

    Do you think readers are more interested/can relate to characters more in the first or third person? Before I start writing my next story I'd just like some opinions because I've done both. Thanks
  3. Chad Lutzke

    First person POV but character dies at the end. Will this work?

    I have a great idea for something I've barely started, but I feel it will only work if I write it in first person. The only problem is the character dies at the end, and in fact describes his death. Will this work? Can anyone give me examples of this working? Thanks!
  4. Purple Inukshuk

    First look at First novel (Untitled High Fantasy Genre)

    The air was dangerously heavy on my chest, as I became dizzier and dizzier by the second... I felt like I had vertigo and had to rest up and set up camp... If I had the strength. There was no sign of life for a long while... The storm brought down the air pressure which is killing everything...
  5. EmmaSohan


    I seem to be going in circles trying to think about this. I read this book which switches back and forth from the guy's point of view to the girl's. But, if you look at the pronouns, the whole book is written in third person.The narrator for the guy is omniscient, because he can know the guy's...
  6. K

    Untitled chap 1 ***language warning***

    Ok, I’m throwing myself off the bridge here folks soplease be gentle...it's my first time. I know that this is really long so thanks right now toanyone who is taking the time to read this monster. I’m considering splitting it into twochapters I’m just not sure where to make the break. There...
  7. akrathan

    Bones of Sparta (historical fiction novel in progress)

    First ten pages of my first novel, currently in progress. I'm at ~40,000 words right now. Set in 550 BC Sparta. Really appreciate some helpful advice from fellow writers. I'd like the first ten pages to grab you by the ... arm... and scream, "Represent me fabulously successful book agent!" or...