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first draft

  1. Q

    1st draft weak on character. Too late to fix?

    My story is still in first draft. I have a decent plot and premise. The characters are basic. You could tell one from the other, but I haven’t spent as much time on the characters’ charactethe as on the plot. Am I too late to fix the sense that first draft version is built with...
  2. _Koriko_

    The Broken crown - Chapter 1

    (Thanks to all the wonderful people who responded with criticism!) Chapter 1 Freya began to walk through the forest, making sure to avoid puddles on her way. She came across a small merchant’s stall in the woods. He was selling food and Freya hadn’t eaten in a day, so she went over to him...
  3. Elsey2

    Chapter 1 of Before the World Died (mature content)

    It was the third week in July and to say the weather was hot would be an understatement. For more than a week the temperatures had touched down in the 90's and the humidity never seemed to break. Negan and Lucille, married barely more than a year, hosted a barbecue for friends and family at...
  4. sayyoulllstaygold

    Self publishing, back cover book description.

    I am currently preparing to self publish my first novel. I am having a bit of trouble reducing my 53,000+ words into a 300 word description. This is my first draft. If anyone has any advice for me it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for giving me a chance. Remy Giordano is a...