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first book

  1. _Koriko_

    The Broken crown - Chapter 1

    (Thanks to all the wonderful people who responded with criticism!) Chapter 1 Freya began to walk through the forest, making sure to avoid puddles on her way. She came across a small merchant’s stall in the woods. He was selling food and Freya hadn’t eaten in a day, so she went over to him...
  2. Purple Inukshuk

    First look at First novel (Untitled High Fantasy Genre)

    The air was dangerously heavy on my chest, as I became dizzier and dizzier by the second... I felt like I had vertigo and had to rest up and set up camp... If I had the strength. There was no sign of life for a long while... The storm brought down the air pressure which is killing everything...
  3. M

    Nanolution - (Violence, language, adult themes)

    Hi All, You may have read my "Introduce Yourself" post, but if not, I want to explain my story a bit. I have never written anything before, and this started off as I was bored and felt like writing something for the sake of it. After a while, it got some legs, and now its about 25-30k words...