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  1. ireneintheworld

    Recent Captures and old faves

    This is a close-up of my friend's new wood-burning stove
  2. Mermaid

    I Am Auron. (611 words)

    This is a short that I am writing for a back story to a RP I am in. Would love to have a constructive critique. Grammar is my weak spot so if you see and grammar stuff please point it out for me? Thank you for the reviews! He could feel the scorching sensation of fire ravage his veins. Unable...
  3. M

    Circles of Red: The Hunt Begins

    I figured since I'm new here, I would post a portion of the short story I'm currently working on. Hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave any critique. P.S Hope I got the format right, It's kinda wierd. The wind beat relentlessly against him as he accelerated towards the clouds above. An...
  4. Tonythetiger

    Where there's smoke... (Language)

    a sound and then a red light look up and you'll see that light that's been there longer than you've noticed look up and hear that sound that you've been hearing but not knowing look up and find yourself losing apart of yourself your mind that sound and that damn red light ignore it and focus on...
  5. A

    3 poems

    My mind as a sponge, dry and hardened water poured upon moist, it became. #2 - Fire torched the sky man became many Few remained resilliant, others, feld the sea. #3 - In the light, shadows glow mountains rise to the moon sand brims beauty air.
  6. R

    Up in Flames

    ( I apologize if this turns out a wall of text, I re-entered tabs twice but they weren't showing up in the preview for some reason. Sorry!) I walk home from work everyday, but this time there was a strange ringing in my ears, and my steps were forced heavier through the muddy...
  7. K

    Pyres of Lily Smoke

    Bastardizing bandits roam these plains in packs Leaking fate and despair from dilated eyes. A madness blades their brains like whetstones Scraping memories into details of history; Those moments frozen behind their vision, Seared into gray matter in black and white. They bound these...
  8. Z

    my first chapter of a great new series of novels

    i need all types of comments! advice, spam, i will accept anything. this sign ( ` ) means he is thinking to himself since Italic does not work here. Chapter 1 Being part of an endless war was something that many humans hated. This war is so old that most people had forgotten how it had...