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  1. Chris Stevenson

    Book to Film Pro Analysis

    I used a film manager to evaluate my book for film possibility, just one of the things I'm doing to begin this process. I have a screenwriter on deck for the project and have already turned in my pitch letter and log lines to my agent. Anyway, here is the report after he'd read the book. I did...
  2. Glyph

    I'm typing a document (Nameless, Minor Explicit Language*)

    Hi. This is my very first script (well, first one that isn't an assignment from school). I don't really know how to write scripts or what they are supposed to look like, just thought I'd take a shot at it. Please tell me what you think. I imagine this would be more of a film screenplay instead...
  3. S

    The Writer's Journey

    Hi All, I have been assigned to write an essay about Christopher Vogler's, 'The Writer's Journey: Mythical Structure', as part of my Screen Production studies. We have the option to write about the hero's journey as a whole or to select one or two stages and write about them from a cinematic...
  4. Pongy

    A synopsis for a screenplay.

    Hi there, I'm working on a synopsis for a screenplay, please have a look and comment - it's supposed to be a comedy so try to see it from the bright side. Kind regards Pongy --- SUNSET BEACH BY PONGY Synopsis URL: goo.gl/nnXu BENNY Yo, I think I got...