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  1. ehbowen

    Hand-to-hand combat question for Powers That Be

    Adventure Magic Realism Speculative 
    One confrontation which occurs at the climax of Powers That Be will be when the ex-NCIS agent and Marine vet Pamela Petersen faces up one-on-one against the nameless Deep State agent who has been torturing her husband. Both are presumed highly skilled and adept at hand-to-hand combat. He is much...
  2. Stormcat

    Turning my characters into martial artists.

    Ever since Avatar: The Last Airbender came out, I've been fascinated by the various martial arts styles used in the series and would like to have my characters actually try martial arts for plot-relevant self-defense reasons. You see, my MC has recently run afoul of a dangerous stalker. The...
  3. R

    Fighting Against

    At the outset of this short essay, let me recognize the fighter in you and respect that fighter.