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  1. gokedik

    You Don't Know

    One can only imagine the horrible loss of a sense, limb, use of a limb or limbs. To live through a tragic event that took, what feels like your life, from you that will never to return. To call it difficult would draw a laugh from most. Some don’t have to. They live with this everyday and deal...
  2. 3

    Fight Junkies: The Tools of War (Part 2) (3400 Words) (Contains Violence)

    So here is part of chapter two of my novel. Please tell me what you think and where I need to improve. Also I did my best to break it up and make it more comfortable to read let me know if i should break the dialogue up more. As always thank you so much for taking the time to read. Chapter Two...
  3. G

    How to make a princess look bad to the press.

    So basicly, there are two princess. The one princess hate the other one and is trying to make her look bad to the press and the royal family. I need some ideas on how the first princess can make the other one look bad without in return making herself look bad, or let anyone know she's in on...