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  1. -xXx-

    [Collab] epimetheus and -xxx- present "-/un/spoke n-"

    for your perusal: -unspoke n- Flowery arcs, decorated pillars, footsteps echoing in a vast hall. Welcome to the Art Gallery. Take the left wing, come visit the trapped muse. First painting. Hunters in the snow, 1565. Lungs burning, inhale and exhale sublimated. Limbs encased in ice...
  2. hvysmker

    The Eternal Soldier 7,200 A company of screwups in the Vietnam war.

    Jumping down off the back of a deuce-and-a-half supply truck, I drop to my feet onto hard-packed red earth. Without a word, the driver waits, watching through a rearview mirror until I pull a duffel bag and suitcase off, then roars away, this being only one stop on his morning mission...
  3. Tomkat

    Bible citation (no religious)

    Hello friends, I'd like to have your opinion about a bible citation in a short story: Setting (I'm being vague, no spoilers as I'd like to share the story in our workshop): Picture the classic lonely town in a Far West landscape. Gunfight, a kid finds shelter in the empty church. He opens the...
  4. C

    The Great Cavern war part 4 Politics and History

    After Ticius was finished speaking it was the turn of Gaius. “You see Ticius there was a power stuggle on the surface involving Virgil,Dante,Trishia and Shamgar. The short version is that Virgil and Shamgar were in a duel to determine the next Arch Wizard. According to Virgil he would have...
  5. C

    The Great Cavern war part 3 Politics and History

    After Ticius was finished speaking it was the turn of Gaius. “You see Ticius there was a power stuggle on the surface involving Virgil,Dante,Trishia and Shamgar. The short version is that Virgil and Shamgar were in a duel to determine the next Arch Wizard. According to Virgil he would have...
  6. M

    My first post!

    Hey all! This is the first time I'm letting anyone read my work and I'm a little nervous. It's a work in progress and definitely needs to be fleshed out but I thought I'd see what you guys think and then decide if I should even continue. I do have an idea of where I want it to go but not sure if...
  7. Dave Watson

    Adonias Low - Betas required

    TITLE - Adonias Low / The Low Man GENRE - Western / Horror (see other info) WORD COUNT - 103k BLURB - Murder. Robbery. Kidnapping. Incest. Welcome to Napa Valley, California, 1891 . To lawmen and bad men alike, The Low Man is a ghost story. The most feared bounty hunter to ever walk...
  8. F

    Monster love interests: to do or not?

    I've been seriously thinking about the concept of the "monster love story"; that is, a romance that involves one or both parties being explicitly not human, at least in the traditional sense. The most obvious example is Beauty and the Beast, but I think that story is often misunderstood when...
  9. C

    The mentioning of a Music Band Name and a song

    Hello All; I am wrapping up work on my first novel to be published. My question is this. I mention several different Band's and their song's in the book. The book is based on the 80s, and the bands are from that period. What is the way to handle having these Band Names and the mentioning of...
  10. PiP

    Coffee Break: Who's Up Next On Flashes of Brilliance?

    Looking for a good read while you put your feet up with a cup of coffee or your favourite beverage? Check out <'Flashes of Brilliance'> for the latest WF member fiction, poetry and interviews!
  11. NeenaDiHope

    "Something Wicked" Chapter 1:*Mild Violence/ Adult Language-Content* (2392 words)

    Author: Novice Writer at best with no formal training looking to learn Feedback: Looking for General critique. I have been writing this for some time now, I have gone over it and rewritten the entire chapter because I felt I gave to much background information and I wanted a better flow. Please...
  12. S

    We Serve Breakfast All Day (1724 Words)

    It's been awhile, but, I'm ready for punishment again. I would appreciate any feedback given. Warning! There is rough language and subject matter. Thank you. We Serve Breakfast All Day. “Just make it through the fucking day!” The words hung in the air for a heartbeat or two. Then, as easily...
  13. hghwriting

    Fog & Ice [4500 words]

    Hi people! I'm a 26 year old Norwegian male who have just finished my business stuides. While writing my dissertation this summer i decided to take on my first fiction project as I have always enjoyed writing and reading. I was hoping some of you might be bothered to critique my short-story...
  14. J

    Donly - The prince of Brii

    CHAPTER 1 Donly wandered through the castle on a chilly April evening. He climbed up on the castle wall, which was wide enough for five adult men to walk hand in hand through. When he had come up to the wall, he looked back and forth after guards. He saw a guard twenty meters ahead that seemed...
  15. Elsey2

    The Lake House (Teen Thriller)

    Junior year. While many predicted it’s endless, tormenting ways I found that my third year of high school had flown by. Since seventh grade my friends and I had all been obsessed with being seniors in high school – the senior prom, yearbook photos, one final hurrah and being the kings and queens...
  16. cassie30

    Christmas Memory 1141 words

    As Christmas approached Jane begun to remember the Christmases when her grandparents on both sides of the family were alive. The trip down memory lane brought a tear to her eyes. Then the memories began to flow. Jane remembered that Grandma and Grandpa Koch always had a tree in the corner of the...
  17. S

    Chapter One, 2500 words, fantasy**language warning

    It’s time to walk. It was always time to walk. For a Walker knows no other life but to walk the Earth until they come of age. It does not matter where a Walker goes once he’s given his hooded cloak. Only that he returns when he is called. As the lone Walker turns his back on the icy fortress...
  18. S

    Hello Everyone/Bonjour à tous!

    It is my great pleasure to reconnect with WritingForums.com and the many talented and inspirational people here. Discovered this forum a few years ago and had a great experience. Life got busy than complicated for me so I retreated. Now returning with a new lease on life and love for writing...
  19. T

    S.Paralysis (working title maybe) 747 Words

    S.Paralysis (working title) 3965 Words Been a long time since Ive posted or been to this site. Looking to catch up on what some of you have been working on. Here is a little something I just whipped up. Its similar to something I wrote about a year ago but a little different. Have a read...
  20. Elsey2

    Excerpt - Shadows of Ivy

    I wandered into the back corner of the library and slunk down into a chair at the same small table I had recently chosen as my study spot. Every library I’d ever been in smelled the same; like fifty-year old paper and dust. It was a scent I could recall dating back to elementary school when our...