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fiction books

  1. reeshagedorn

    Greetings from Rees Hagedorn

    hello, My name is Rees and I am a native from Texas that has enjoyed reading and writing stories for as long as I can remember. im excited to be on this writer's forum and learning from all you beautiful people, and hope to chat if interested and work together if we have similar pursuits...
  2. Hoakycoakley

    New writer in London

    I have recently written two books and would like to ask the members for suggestions on where best to look for a publisher or how best to get them read by the right crowd. The first is a travelogue of my three-month trip to California as a young aspiring actor...and all the wild, adventurous...
  3. N

    A Chance Beginning: Book One of the Shadow's Fire Trilogy

    A Chance Beginning: Book One of the Shadow's Fire Trilogy Ch 1 (2000 words) Here is the first chapter of my new (and first) fantasy adventure. Please give me honest feedback and if you're interested, check it out at Its been out for only a week and I am pretty happy with my first...
  4. I

    Hi There

    I would like to introduce myself to the community. I write a little here and there but I enjoy family time with my kids. Love camping and blogging too.:smile: Please visit my profile page to visit my personal blog & website.