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feudal japan samurai

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    Shroud of the Master (Act 1)- Some Violence and 1 bad word

    Just another, beleive it or not, quick jot down of this story I've been thinking of. Let me know what you think. There is a Preface in a previous post. Bare (?) with the slow starting. It's all for the greater good of the story :) Act 1- Keisuke Inafune 20 years ago- 1200 A.D. “Hurry up...
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    Shroud of the Master (Just a quick scribble of a Preface) (Feudal Japan)

    Hey errybody. Been awhile since I visited the site. Been working hard and enjoyed a nice long vacation in Vegas where, obviously, no writing got done at all. But Ive been toying with an idea and scribbled this down last night. It could go places if I dedicate my time to it. I kind of put "The...