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  1. Elvenswordsman

    Why don't I read about Dwarves more often in Fantasy?

    I had a brilliant idea for a novel, or series, but the problem lies in that my main character is a dwarf. Now, before I get comments about being prejudiced, I literally mean dwarf of the fantasy variety. So how come I don't read more "dwarf" oriented content? I know part of the process is...
  2. P

    Writing Tasks - Are these tasks right?

    Hi All, Pauper here again. If you didn't see my last post, I am doing a project for graduate school about the writing process. I received some great feedback from Writing Forums and want to thank everybody who helped me out. I still need a little bit of help, however. I've included below a...
  3. F

    Struggling writer plagued by ambition and fraught with addiction

    Yes, I am a writing addict. I have put my whole self into the craft. By day, I am a marketing communications manager - I write web content, blogs, social media postings, collateral and such - and I love that I have a job doing something I enjoy. But when the moon comes out, my inner wolf appears...