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  1. Fowly


    Why do I run away Why do I hide my face Could It really be That I am someone else In the mirror, That is not me. Who am I I am but a shadow of The person I used to be. Who is she in the mirror Why does she look like me
  2. Tonythetiger

    Fear of the Unknown, to Whom I Say Hello

    My name is Tonythetiger but I am neither a man nor quite as outgoing. I love to discuss myself and one of my biggest fears is that others will discover that I love to discuss myself. I joined this forum because I am a recent graduate entering the accounting world and I really don't want to...
  3. B

    F.E.A.R. False Evidence Appearing Real!!

    Man, I am really getting hammered!! Fear has got me by the throat to where sometimes it is hard to put 2 letters together let alone words. Constant thoughts ravaging my brain: “what makes you think you can write?” Oh, and my all-time favorites… the “WHAT IF’S” “What if no one likes what you...
  4. R

    Chapter 6: The Paranoia Journals. (Arrest.) Warning: Language

    Okay, here's chapter six. If you want to read chapter 5, which has already been posted under one of the "Fear of Russians" excerpts, you can click on the webpage below... Also, note the chronology--this chapter is several months after chapter 1 (unposted) and chapter 5, and maybe 4 months after...
  5. R

    Chapter 4: Fear of Sin (and anti-Semitism, and eating ham in front of Jews)

    Here's chapter 4--chronologically much further along in the story than the last three chapters... I'll be skipping chapter 5, since it's back in the section from the old "Fear of Russians" and I've already posted it... but will post chapter 6 shortly... Thanks to all the readers for all the...
  6. R

    Ch. 3: Fear of X (and teenagers playing basketball while listening to Tupac). Languag

    Dear friends, Haven't posted for a while--many things happening. You can check out the new look of my website if you haven't yet--there's a like button, and a link to the novel's facebook page--I've completely rearranged it, so the novel's no longer in chronological order. I'm skipping posting...
  7. B

    Writer "wanna-be" Actually the dream of my life...but alas afraid

    Hi all…Please be patience, and not laugh…I’m not this open very often… I am new to this whole thing; I didn’t even know that there were forums like this out in “cyber-dum” for writers like me. A little Background: I have been writing; or better said “started” writing ‘Short stories’, Books...
  8. P

    The Lion

    He roams the house, a hungry lion stalking; moving slowly, and deliberately; waiting for an opening. We do our best to deaden our quickened hearts. We hide in the tall grass of fear, and make frozen masks of our...
  9. P

    At His Deathbed

    Of course, I was the last to arrive at his bedside; I feared him the most. It made no difference that he was dying. Dying only made him more unpredictable. “Christ, you are ugly” he might say. or “I never liked you, anyway.” That’s what I was thinking when I leaned over to greet...
  10. S

    A Fear of Silence

    I am the type of person whose presence in a room is futile. I do nothing to add to its ambience, I add no colour to a photograph. I am not part of the furniture as furniture has a type of functional purpose, even ornamental pieces add an aesthetic element to a room. People who make the...
  11. M

    Of Beast and Beauty, Chap. 1

    At impact Elizabeth’s face hits the steering wheel of her car, her hands still gripping the wheel. It takes her a moment to realize what has happened. She searches outside her windshield, only seeing the snowflakes that come down in lazy circles. “Oh no oh no oh no,”...