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    Goodbye, Gaston

    It was the most curious & intimate experience to have someone die in your arms. Some experimental and unorthodox construction devices. So don't even go there. Thanks. . Farewell, Gaston . My uncle, Gaston, mum's older brother, died whilst I cradled him in the crook of me arms. He lay...
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    Crocus Buds

    ` crocus buds burst forth peep and poke through dunes of white winter bows to spring when the sun begins to shine again vital truths on wood-lined paths arise `
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    Shadows in the Light (Goodbye Grandma)

    My grandmother passed away this week, 1917-2011 (23/03) ` I walk from room to room trying to catch a glimpse of you, and all that I could see, are muted shadows playing tag. Sunlight catches visions of days now stored in memory and with your recent passing, you climbed upon...