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  1. TheBlackbird2579

    Fallen lotus: The Legends of Xiao Xue

    Synopsis Aeons passed, In a primal realm. Great empires rose… And fell. Immortal beings of unimaginable power battled tirelessly for Dao supremacy. Plotting and scheming with underhanded ferocity. Leaving swathes of destruction in their transient wakes. They ruled these primordial lands, where...
  2. W

    Soft vs. hard magic systems

    What kinds of magic systems do you prefer? Soft, hard, or somewhere in between, and why?
  3. WasatchWind

    New to here

    Hello, Online I go by the moniker of WasatchWind, and am a writer of fantasy and science fiction. I've happened upon this site, and it seems more my wheelhouse than other writing sites I've frequented in the past. I know it is frowned upon, especially on an unfinished draft, to ask people to...
  4. The Sixth Chamber (Chapter One)

    The Sixth Chamber (Chapter One)

    The Sixth Chamber Chapter One: The Devil’s Kiln Yarrod inhaled deeply the hot desert air, unsure he’d filled his lungs with anything at all. He held it in for a good while, assessed the quality, then breathed out and felt the exhalation brush his drying lips. It had the consistency of powder...
  5. bdcharles

    The Story of Echo

    Action Adventure Fantasy Speculative 
    "There is no war. It's all a lie." Gifted in the mechanical arts, Echo has a passion for making things fly. But after an army of horned marauders sweeps across the land, she discovers that she alone has the means to rally a defense their adversary will never expect. She must decide between...
  6. Matchu

    My last nurse

    ADULT THEMES My last nurse play/fun write. maybe draft on later, write about my nurse chap a little more? My last nurse Of course I had heard the reports concerning the vaccination centre provided for the mere ordinary people. My own wife described how they were indeed herded at the two...
  7. ehbowen

    Readers Wanted for "Guardian Angel", especially UK based

    Okay. After a week of posting dribs and drabs hit and miss in the Workshop, I'm ready to ask for beta readers for my completed novel manuscript, Guardian Angel (71K words). The story follows the eponymous angel who has been protecting "her boy" since he was conceived thirty-plus years ago and...
  8. T

    The Summit of Yyingrigotl (Part 1 / NSFW)

    A heavy tapestry whipped and churned, its duty to bar cold snow and freezing winds failed so often few even knew of its original purpose. Beyond this curtain’s ill-kept barrier was a dangerous outcropping that only the intrepid were bound for, hewn from the very mountain it jutted from. With a...
  9. hvysmker

    The Eternal Soldier 7,200 A company of screwups in the Vietnam war.

    Jumping down off the back of a deuce-and-a-half supply truck, I drop to my feet onto hard-packed red earth. Without a word, the driver waits, watching through a rearview mirror until I pull a duffel bag and suitcase off, then roars away, this being only one stop on his morning mission...
  10. T

    A Tale of two kings - chapter 1

    Hey there. I stated to write my own fantasy novel, the very first I have ever written. I have write short stories before, but not anything in this scale. English is not my native language, but I hope that the words I used are not too distracting. I would like to have some feedback about the...
  11. Stormcat

    Crafting a magic system

    I wanted to post a "magical" smiley to grab your attention, but this was the closest I could get: :albino: So I'm writing a fantasy story with magic. I've just gotten to the part where the magic is revealed, but I'm still not sure if I want to make it a hard or soft magic system for the story...
  12. L

    The First Law, Chapter 4. Sci-fi/horror/fantasy

    Here's chapter 4 of the book I'm working on. Together with the first three chapters (which I've already posted) it forms the first "part" of the book. I'd say the four can stand on their own as a short story. I'd love feedback! The Mess The First Law, Chapter 4 by LaMDoH123 ©2019 The figure...
  13. C

    The Great Cavern war part 2 worse then expected

    "One never knows when a magic ring will be found." Replied Ticius "Even in a dump like this barracks." Gaius looked at his friend and remember all the stories he used to tell him about his father. He wondered about all of the informal training and important guests Ticius must of grown up...
  14. C

    The Great Cavern war part 1

    (The following story I posted on another forum but I got very little feedback so I will post it here too. I really want feedback even if you think my story is crap. What parts your like or what parts you hate. So far I have written 7 chapters. one side note is that ruff riders are dog-like...
  15. L

    Ripples-Short Excerpt of "The First Law"- Feedback Appreciated

    This is an idea I had for a scene in a novel I'm writing. It may appear in the book in this form, a different form, or not at all. Tell me what you think. "Ripples" LaMDoH123 ©2019 “Pal, take us to one gravity, please. Keep us there until I say so.” “You got it, Seb. One g coming up.” The...
  16. L

    The First Law: sci-fi/fantasy/horror novel, 1st two chapters- LONG, violence

    Feedback Appreciated! Hey there, everyone! I'm writing a book! This book is a bit of a passion project for me. The idea has been rattling around in my head for quite a while, but it is only recently that I've actually started writing it. I've been told it's good, but only by people who know...
  17. seigfried007

    Speculative Fiction Stories that Editors See Too Often

    Bumped into this listing last night on Strange Horizons and figured it might help some of us make spiffier, more publishable stories (or spiffy up some we've already got). Feel free to add more unlikely-to-sell story ideas and what editors have told you about what they want or don't want to see.
  18. S

    Castle in the Sand pt. 1

    This is my first work of prose ever, written during my junior year of high school. Given the length of the piece, it would take around four parts to finish it. Any feedback, especially concerning grammar or pacing, would be highly appreciated. "Every star has a story,” said Cori’s mother, on...
  19. M

    The Song of Silence (Short Story)

    Hey guys, here is a short story that I wrote. It is surreal and steps loosely into fantasy. Thanks. The Song of Silence The desert road was a rod across the sand. Sparse emptiness either side. Just what Henry wanted. He also wanted the bump on Mary’s stomach to stop leaving an empty gap...
  20. JellyTrigger

    Other Me - 44 Words

    It's been a while since I posted, I haven't written much in a long time. I've just recently become a national emergency medical technician so things have been busy. Regardless, I wanted to share a piece with you all. Sincerely, Christian Rodriguez The Newbie Writer "Other Me" Those longing...