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fantasy-fiction novel

  1. Lordoomer

    I have this idea for a book named Doomer the Shadow of Death

    It's about a guy who got killed by a violent gang of radical leftists because he was falsely accused of rape by their gang leader , but when he died, he had his chance of coming back to life if he won a game of Chess against the Grim Reaper, but if he loose then he goes to his earned afterlife...
  2. NeenaDiHope

    "Something Wicked" Chapter 1:*Mild Violence/ Adult Language-Content* (2392 words)

    Author: Novice Writer at best with no formal training looking to learn Feedback: Looking for General critique. I have been writing this for some time now, I have gone over it and rewritten the entire chapter because I felt I gave to much background information and I wanted a better flow. Please...
  3. N

    Aspiring Writer

    Hello, My name is Nathan Milward. Ever since I was in Elementary School, I've been really into writing, although only now have I settled for it. I am currently working on a high fantasy fiction series named The Forgotten Land of Myria. So far, it's been 6 months since I first started, and...