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  1. J

    I want to write a psychological horror story, what is the best advice you have for me?

    I have ideas for some serieses of loud house horror fanfics involving an OC I came up with called Lomond Loud. Lomond is a mutant human who has superpowers and likes to kill as much people as he can just because he finds it fun. He also likes to eat the organs of his victims. Ronnie Anne, Clyde...
  2. JC.Axe

    What do you think of Fan Fiction?

    I've noticed in recent years a rise in the number of people writing Fan Fiction in the amateur writing community. I've never really cared much for fan fiction, partly because I don't watch much TV and rarely watch films. I'd always thought that the very concept of writing fanfiction was a bit...
  3. SerenataImmortale

    Potential copyright issues due to early drafts?

    Okay, confession time. When I was young and naive I used to write... *sigh*... fanfiction. I won't join in on the fanfiction debate, but I will admit that I am not exactly proud of what I wrote back at that age. Long story short, the novel I'm working on now started out in its earliest forms...
  4. C

    Reader, Writer and undeniably obsessed with fanfic

    Hey all! I'm Caiyah. As stated above, I love reading (non-fic, fic and fan-fic) and write when my Muse inspires me. I also do an online RPG called Dark Cove (supernatural-based). I sought out a writers forum for help with a Batman fanfic I'm currently working on(Riddler centric).I have a...