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  1. N


    Like Heraclitus put it, "Change is the only constant thing in this world". Really, who even likes change unless it is leading to something better. Even then, a certain depressive episode follows when you are going away from a certain place or thing. A nostalgic wave of memories and ache crosses...
  2. P


    My first submission! "Choices" You could say that life was idealic for my partner and I; we had spent many long years basking in the warm sun, reveling in the mountain breeze. Our days were filled with laughter, ours mingling with the stuttering joy of our daughter. Our sweet little...
  3. H

    # 29 Trace

    Trace, words from pencil, writing lines. sketches, generation’s story, family’s time. Fingers caressing my wife’s incision sites. Footsteps, Daniel Boon’s Cumberland miles. Stars from tent flap, Appalachian night sky. Wild flower patters, forest understory. Bees from flowers, honey in...
  4. Anita M Shaw

    My Boys - A Parent's View

    MY BOYS My Fighting, trashing, Eating machines Lazy, crazy, Video game fools Teasing, playful, Silly comedians Stay up late; Sleep till noon The TV Reigns supreme The bathroom Is Boys' Territory Except When it's time to Clean it! One kid Walks With confidence high Peers at...
  5. G

    I Celebrate Birthday in Time Zones

    In the mystical flight I sit every year, One hell of a fantasy tour. *** To kick off a journey that knows. The art of juggling with life. *** Birthdays are best to be celebrated, Forwarding and rewinding time. *** Time Zone does the trick with ease, Seizing moments at my will. *** I know the...
  6. M

    Desert Family

    This is a narrative/free verse poem I wrote. Thank you for the read! In the Mojave, a golden city on the horizon appearing to be houses made of sand. Closer, there is: stripped structures, wooden frames, matchstick houses. Boy, Mom, Pa drag suitcases along the town’s dusty streets, wearing...
  7. fpak

    Flash fiction: The dying of the light

    The dying of the light It was midnight and we were on a boat in the middle of the Dubai creek when Tariq finally talked to me about it. “You know, I’m still not sure I’ve forgiven myself.” he said. The Dhow rocked gently and I could hear the lapping of the...
  8. gokedik

    The Easy(?) Way Out

    My Grandmother committed suicide, in May, 1998. But every suicide is like an iceberg, there’s a lot more to it. She shot herself with the gun that I touched as a child. The police report said that is was a .38 but I know for a fact it was a .32, I played with it, a child knows their favorite...
  9. B

    New writer

    Hi, my name is Alex and I've written a story about superheroes. It's a coming of age story about the son in the story. I hope to be able to publish it here soon! Link deleted by admin
  10. B

    Fantastic Beginning of Julia Flynn Prologue

    Hi, this is just the rough beginning. I'd love some feedback on it :) Thanks! Prologue Something happened the day the queen died. The earth shifted beneath our feet and the creatures were awakened from their slumber and they stirred. The world changed the day the queen died...
  11. QDOS

    Taliesin’s Gift

    Hi, This short story may have closer ties to a Fairytale or Fantasy. I’ve tried to give it a different slant, a storyline for a wider audience. It was prompted by fond memories of a great aunt who passed away. Taliesin’s Gift Annie Jones felt the cold this January morning. Shivering, she...
  12. B

    The Chinese Angle ( Rough first draft) would love comments!) The conclusion or Chp. 1

    After we walked back to my house, I put on a pot of joe and reached for a cigar. The old newspapers cluttered the table. The kitchen cabinets were open and did not match. I tended to simply leave the stuff where it fell. The whole house wasn’t mine. It was supposed to be deserted and I paid no...