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  1. J

    Regardless of what, it will surely be.

    The days have gone, the days have come, Renewed what was and will continue to be, Through stormy skies, and the breaking of sunrise, Only then, will the eyes then see. Despite the lingering days of shadow, Our hearts then yearn to be free, Through winter days where the heart relays, Of how much...
  2. N

    Theism and Atheism

    Theists and Atheists.Theists and atheists, I will say that again. Don't feel attacked. Not yet. I am yet to unfold some mysterious revelations now and who knows you might want to change sides? Let's start with establishing what your stance is right now. Are you an atheist? Yes or No only. I am...
  3. C

    Strange Fire

    ANIMA FIRE Firebrands spread like rage when tongues were set afire. Men were found standing frigid naked in the briar seeking ignition from the Light. © Calbab 2018 The Winner!!! My New Poem! Special thanks to all sharing a proposal poem.
  4. Elvenswordsman

    Your Will, Not Mine

    Tonight we danced, she could not see Above her head, my proclivity Intricately matched, unwittingly, To her masked voracity; Usurp, oh Lord, my importunity May our wills not fall in disunity.
  5. gokedik

    Dominoes in the Sand (Part 6 of an adult journey)

    They both slept the whole day, Cyndi waking up to go to school. “Hey, Jen” Cyndi said walking across the living room in jean shorts and an airy cotton blouse. “There you are, again, really?” Jenny said. “Oh, shit!” Cyndi said putting her hand to her head, holding a white sweater. I...
  6. gokedik

    She and I

    We loved, in spite of our challenges. Sometimes banging our cages, just to touch and be touched. Hope was not available but Faith sufficed. Faith being a timed-release hope, bigger and stronger. She held my words and I, her eyes. Death could not be avoided. We all had our dates...