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  1. Justin Attas

    Don't Get Discouraged!

    Coming here after a long time marketing my ebook to no success. This is in no small part due to my non-existent budget, I'm sure. But it doesn't change that SHIT feeling of failure. I poured my heart and soul into a story I genuinely believe is powerful and well written and... *fart noises*...
  2. JellyTrigger

    Other Me - 44 Words

    It's been a while since I posted, I haven't written much in a long time. I've just recently become a national emergency medical technician so things have been busy. Regardless, I wanted to share a piece with you all. Sincerely, Christian Rodriguez The Newbie Writer "Other Me" Those longing...
  3. B

    Wigg'n I think is the term...anxiety to the max!!

    Man do I need your help with this one folks… I am having one very anxious day; just dealing with one thing or another. Than something that I read in this months “The Writer” magazine kinda pushed me over the top. “Writing contests”…I have seen that a term 100 times only this time the idea...
  4. C

    What is failure?

    Since it is a Bank Holiday, I consider today the end of the week. Last week reminded me of the adage, "nothing ventured nothing gained." It struck me that there is a counter axiom to that, that goes something along the lines: "he who has no goal, has no obstacles." It is easy to be...
  5. B

    Writer "wanna-be" Actually the dream of my life...but alas afraid

    Hi all…Please be patience, and not laugh…I’m not this open very often… I am new to this whole thing; I didn’t even know that there were forums like this out in “cyber-dum” for writers like me. A little Background: I have been writing; or better said “started” writing ‘Short stories’, Books...