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  1. L

    Ripples-Short Excerpt of "The First Law"- Feedback Appreciated

    This is an idea I had for a scene in a novel I'm writing. It may appear in the book in this form, a different form, or not at all. Tell me what you think. "Ripples" LaMDoH123 ©2019 “Pal, take us to one gravity, please. Keep us there until I say so.” “You got it, Seb. One g coming up.” The...
  2. kellypeace

    Excerpt from "Travellin' Band: A Roadie Memoir" (378)

    An excerpt from the eighth chapter (set in 1976) of my upcoming novella, a fictional autobiography of a roadie in the seventies. More excerpts are here: roadiememoir.blogspot.com "[W]e drove to Michigan for a couple shows we had, and managed to get tickets for an Aerosmith concert in...
  3. IndigoCypher

    Work in Progress

    So this is the first chapter of a book I'm working on about kids who commit grand larceny. Obviously there's more to the plot, but that's all you need to know for now. Chapter 1 New Kid in the Crew There was a knock at the door. All three pairs of eyes met mine as Wolf nodded and glided...
  4. Paglia

    Excerpt (contains a swear)

    opinions? Man and Natalie are people. ------------------------------- “Natalie, listen to me—” “No,” she sobbed. “No.” “You can change it, make things better—” “No!” Natalie shrieked. “I don’t want to change anything!” “No— listen, Natalie,” Man tried desperately. “Please,” he begged. Man...
  5. IndigoCypher


    This is the first chapter of my first book about a futuristic naval captain who goes rogue to stop an alien conspiracy. CHAPTER 1: Solus V “Union battlecruiser Atlantis on standby.” Jamal Sweens spoke slowly into the microphone on his wrist. He was my second in command, and my best friend while...