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  1. P

    My Publishing News

    (I was told this is the place to announce writing successes. Today's the first time I've used this Beyond the Forum section.) Here's more of my latest writing news. Fiction Southeast published my essay The Artistic Temperament And A Writer's Need For Privacy. Read it at...
  2. D

    What is accepted and what is not accepted in an article or essay?

    Hi, I've been reading a lot of articles and essays on internet, most of them humorous. And I can't distinguishing what I'm able to write on an article and what not, because I've been reading articles that relates a short story, articles that exposed a fictional opinion about a subject. What...
  3. F

    English Language and Literature Creative Writing Essay

    Forty percent of my exam points are gained by writing a short creative writing essay. The rules are to base the short story around the novel called The Woman in White and theme the story around identity. If it would not be too much to ask, it would help me greatly if you were to go over the...
  4. S.M. grimbldoo

    The Truth of Society

    Throughout the Scarlet Letter, Nathaniel Hawthorne scatters symbols that portray his view of society. His own personal view was that societies tended to be dark, hypocritical, and overbearing. He saw true beauty in nature, and society as something that covered that beauty. In his book, he...
  5. T

    The Word You Dare Not Say(minor language used)

    This is a persuasive essay about why the use of the word '...' shouldn't be impermissible. The Word You Dare Not Say Chickenbutt. uh ohhhh
  6. 0

    Legal Positions of Obama, Cameron, and Sarkozy and the 2011 Libyan Conflict

    In March 2011 three nations, The United States, France, and The United Kingdom used military force to establish and enforce a no-fly zone above Libya. Within each nation lives an individual with the weighty responsibility of being the nation’s chief executive and commander-in-chief. Between...
  7. G

    Help needed in finding alternate ways of portraying this! Critique please!

    ... .........
  8. I

    How many of you have written about your favorive car show?!

    I have today and would like to ask you do you think? The TOPIC is: Why does your favorite TV show appeal to people and how.( ESSAY 1000 t0 1500 words.) Compelling and abrasive There are over 1.5 billion of them on the roads. We all have to buy one. But which one? Surely we turn to...