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  1. Stormcat

    A Day in the life of a Spymaster

    Most stories that involve espionage center around the spies themselves. Whether it's the glamourous but fictional exploits of James Bond or the real-life stories of wartime (and peacetime) spies. But what about the people who "handle" these spies? I've got a character who is the de-facto head...
  2. Nazgul Killer

    A Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action Story... Working Title: Conquering The Hydra (Long story)

    A Thriller, Sci-Fi, Action Story... Conquering The Hydra This story has gore in it, intense warfare and some harsh language. Bear in mind. The year is 2017, Russian and America grew ever closer in the past few years as China grew ever so mightier. A Russian Revolutionist Party, a Democratic...
  3. Richard.E.Craig

    Reprisal:A Political Thriller:By R.E.Craig - Warning: Some Language

    Morrison drained the last mouthful of beer from the can , then tossed its crushed remains into the rear of the stolen Ford Capri . The clock on the dash read 11.05 pm , ten minuets fast by the Timex on Morrison's wrist . In five minuets a black London taxi would pull up outside Major Langford's...