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  1. Q

    Where to find publishers and agents who deal with Erotica?

    Are there publishers and agents who specialize in this? I get the feeling that erotica is no longer a fringe interest among readers. I’m working on a collection of short stories in the genre..definitely not lowbrow / sleaze, and looking for a good publisher, perhaps agent first. Any suggestions...
  2. I

    The Unravelling (Extreme violent and sex)

    "Hey Bryan! I gotta go." said Chris as he walked away clutching his backpack. "Later, dude." I replied as I watched him rode away on his bike. Chris and I were both high school juniors. He had been my best friend since 3rd grade. We knew each others secrets. But not this one. No one can...
  3. that-woman

    Hi from London!

    Hi everyone! I write under the name That Woman, although not much is published yet! I aspire to write short stories of the contemporary variety illuminating various aspects of relationships and sexuality. I have had a good look around this site and love it. Hope to fine a real 'home' here...
  4. C

    Writing Subgenre of Erotic Romance

    I'm looking to write short stories at first with some explicit sex scenes much longer than others and more involved in plot. But this site appers to have no opening for erotica, and is very PG, if I put up a sample, should I block out most of the specific references to sexual acts? It will...