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epic fantasy

  1. Secrets of the Bayou

    Secrets of the Bayou

    Secrets of the Bayou Jumping Jack Jimmy Jam Jones lived in a mud shack deep down in the bayous of Louisiana. Jimmy Jam was a Crawfish trapper. He made a living catching the little mudbugs with specialized traps he designed himself. He was a big man and was mean as a rabid wolf. He didn’t take...
  2. Once Upon a Vulture

    Once Upon a Vulture

    Once upon a Vulture (language warning) I woke up from my nap on desert sand in the hot baking sun. A kettle of vultures was circling over me waiting for my demise, while a wake of buzzards perched on dead branches of an old oak tree, sang songs about death and decay. In vulturese they...
  3. In the Eyes of a Goat

    In the Eyes of a Goat

    In the Eyes of a Goat As I walk on that rocky road to salvation jagged stone sends me tumbling into a valley of darkness I cannot see what’s before me but I can hear the strutting sounds of a goat in heat I sing it a lullaby to sooth its dark desires and offer it a poisoned treat but it sees...
  4. The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse

    The Four Horseman of the Apocalypse Death (DiAthAnaToS) The Pale Rider Enforcers The Pale Apocali of Horse and Sickle The Angel of Death (Gabriel) Lady Death (Gabriella) War (Mephistopheles) The Red Rider Captions The Red Apocali of Horse and Sword The Wraith Queen (the Lady Abel) The...
  5. Sateen


    Sateen Sateen a Child of Hell, and Earth, is the daughter of LuciFer, (Lord of the Universe, Dark Aspect of the Edoni Trinity, and Soul Twin to Lucifina) and Lilith, (the dreamscape child and consort of LuciFer, a Created, Queen of Hell, and Soul Twin to Adam). While in the womb She devoured...
  6. Pandora


    Pandora Pandora is a child of Adam and Eve and Soul Twin and Sister/Wife to Gadreel the ‘Grand Wizard Paladrone’ and High Priest to Gaia. She is Gaia’s acolyte, confident, war general and High Priestess. It was through Pandora and Gadreel that Gaia unleashed hEr wrath against hEr estranged...
  7. T

    The Summit of Yyingrigotl (Part 1 / NSFW)

    A heavy tapestry whipped and churned, its duty to bar cold snow and freezing winds failed so often few even knew of its original purpose. Beyond this curtain’s ill-kept barrier was a dangerous outcropping that only the intrepid were bound for, hewn from the very mountain it jutted from. With a...
  8. SolaInk

    Blood Ascending (Chapter 1:Khuldaros!) (WC-1131)

    *Note: This is the opening chapter to a book I am in the process of editing. It is the first in a series of four, looking at five. I am open to and welcome any constructive criticisms. Thanks in advance! Taundar Poros, Hael He was khuldaro. In Krilar, the high language, it meant ‘one...
  9. M


    Hello all, The following is an excerpt from a monstrous novella I wrote a few months back. This, the opening chapter, is probably my least favorite of the piece, but I still feel it is an appropriate launch point for my character driven story, which is ultimately about how we change our moral...
  10. N

    A Chance Beginning: Book One of the Shadow's Fire Trilogy

    A Chance Beginning: Book One of the Shadow's Fire Trilogy Ch 1 (2000 words) Here is the first chapter of my new (and first) fantasy adventure. Please give me honest feedback and if you're interested, check it out at amazon.com. Its been out for only a week and I am pretty happy with my first...