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    This is a prose poem I wrote. I know it may not be everyone's cup of tea, but I appreciate anyone that reads it. Thank you! I play jazz at night And I care for Samantha in the day. She likes that window Gazing from her wheelchair at the desert highway At The cars and the building traffic...
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    The Crime of a Dying Man

    This is a little prose poem I wrote, thank you for reading :-) When the lake swirls with a thousand ghosts it appears as mundane as a dry mist to Marty the dying man in his fedora hat. When the headlights climb the drive the window in the lounge is suddenly an endless fence in his son’s...
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    Eternal darkness

    I witnessed the birth of Destruction The moon tied in orbit to its ember Earth, Once cold oceans, dry with fire, Black continents charred by heat The red sun Filled up the skies And chased The moon Too close To the stratosphere Fires of Earth Heated by its breeze And only a myth were...