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  1. WildPolitics

    An Encounter

    I thought it was time I showed my colours and posted a short piece for people's comment and critique (I have made some minor amends since first posting). This is a small excerpt of a book I am writing about wildlife conservation work and connection to local communities: An encounterMargi...
  2. K


    Last week I was writing up some poetry again and I asked a friend to give me a topic - and it was Elephant. Dust hanging in the air around my legs, I looked down at the sand below The breeze flapping through my ears the whistling sounds of long ago My mind wanders back to the time of my...
  3. F

    Few Paragraphs of my First Novel

    My first post. I welcome constructive criticisms with open arms. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. I apologize for not indenting, I'm new and not familiar with the set up yet. (: It was nearing mid-fall when Xavier Wells stumbled upon the Bonaparte Brother's Circus lodging house. The...