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  1. Kimoco

    Just wanted to brag lol

    Hi there fellow writers! Any of you follow some editors' newsletters and such? I follow a couple and so I got this in my emails today, and turns out, I already did everything they are saying to do in my first novel! https://nybookeditors.com/2016/10/tips-writing-first-romance-novel/ I just...
  2. seigfried007

    Speculative Fiction Stories that Editors See Too Often

    Bumped into this listing last night on Strange Horizons and figured it might help some of us make spiffier, more publishable stories (or spiffy up some we've already got). Feel free to add more unlikely-to-sell story ideas and what editors have told you about what they want or don't want to see.
  3. W

    Effective avenues for editing services?

    (I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum to post this, but I thought it fit best here.) I'm an independent, freelance editor offering very broad to more detailed editing services (developmental and line editing, etc.) for any length or type of fiction story. Also, I'm trying my best...
  4. Robert Donnell

    Animosity Towards Publishers and Editors?

    I have been accused of having animosity towards Publishers and Editors. True sort of. I have spent several years talking to writers, learning the business side of it and I have heard a lot of horror stories about Publishers and Editors. Now to be fair I do not know if that is 99% of the time...
  5. A

    Online Writing Help

    I’m writing to anyone that can help me out from their own experience with online writing, or anyone who has dealt with a difficult editor (or in my case a slew of them). You see, I had my hours slashed at my office job a few months back. To make up the difference, I thought it would be a...