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  1. W

    Effective avenues for editing services?

    (I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum to post this, but I thought it fit best here.) I'm an independent, freelance editor offering very broad to more detailed editing services (developmental and line editing, etc.) for any length or type of fiction story. Also, I'm trying my best...
  2. Galen

    Finding and Working with an Editor -- What have been your experiences?

    I am making this post because I had a negative experience trying to find and work with an editor for my first novelette. I tried looking for an editor on several venues like craiglist and some online resources. Looking for an editor with experience in my genre and who had a little touch at a...
  3. J

    James P. Wagner (Ishwa) Poet, Editor, Performer

    Hey there. I've been a part of this forum for a long time, but most of my old posts got erased since I haven't been active in a few years. Anyway, never got a chance to introduce myself. I'm James P. Wagner, known in the poetry community as Ishwa. I'm a performance poet and an editor out here...
  4. S

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hi everyone! I am Sarah. I am a budding editor and I am here to learn and promote the works that I am editor on. I am very excited to be here and to meet all of you.
  5. LydiaAmaranth

    I want to be part of a writing community again

    So here I am. My name is Lydia, and I finally graduated from the University of Central Florida last year with my BA in Technical Communications. Basically I went to be an editor, but there was no "Editing BA", so I trained to be a technical writer, which I love just as much as being a creative...
  6. P

    Need editor

    I am a new author. My first book has been well received by a good literary agent who has requested that I have the book edited by a professional editor. They do not have one to recommend. Does anybody know of an inexpensive god editor? Not a proof reader but a line editor?