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  1. B

    Help with tricky conundrum on writing numbers and currency in a novel

    Hi all, I'm helping a writer with a novel whose potential publisher's style guide says "numbers as words up to ninety-nine" and use numbers thereafter. However, I am told there can be many exceptions. What's bothering me is a sentence with currency in Korean won that I would like people's views...
  2. Tomkat

    The Paragraph Problem

    Hello, I need some words of advice. I have a problem with separating paragraphs. Please consider the example scene below: “Go away." He says dispassionately. The creature sniffs his boot, then the yellow phlegm. “Yeah, I made that.” The four-legged canine troll whines and the two-legged...
  3. Justin Attas

    Continuity Editing

    Hey writing gang. Just a quick matter of curiosity I'm hoping you all can help me settle. When editing a manuscript that happens to be a SEQUEL, do you ever go back and add things to the first book in the series? I know this is super specific, but I suppose this is assuming both manuscripts are...
  4. Chris Stevenson

    Editing--What's Your Bag?

    Once again, another topic arose at AW which I thought might be an interesting foray. The answers to proper editing technique is diverse—everyone has their own way—a technique that works best for them. There are two basic approaches and either one is fitting. There is no wrong or right way. There...
  5. KellInkston

    Halloween Knight (Novel Excerpt, 2,500 words, explicit language, mild sexual themes)

    Hey there, trying my hand at a different approach to YA fiction. I'm looking mostly for thoughts on story/flow, but any input would be appreciated. Thank you! I The moment he breaks into the house via a second-story window, there is a jolt under the checkered covers of the only bed in the room...
  6. W

    Effective avenues for editing services?

    (I apologize in advance if this is the wrong forum to post this, but I thought it fit best here.) I'm an independent, freelance editor offering very broad to more detailed editing services (developmental and line editing, etc.) for any length or type of fiction story. Also, I'm trying my best...
  7. ktee

    When do you make the call to rewrite? What's been the tipping point for you?

    I have the narrative set down for the first few chapters of my book. But no matter how many times I edit or tweak the chapters themselves it's not working. The other chapters afterwards are fine, it's just the first few that feel wrong and muddy. There's a thread up similar to this but I want...
  8. T

    Troubles in regards to OVER-EDITING

    I have a novella that I have been piecing together for the past 4 months and I have it a wall. If I take a few days off from writing and go back to it, I always end up just revising it upon the re-read and now I can't seem to get past a certain point. My main character represents me to some...
  9. A

    Online Writing Help

    I’m writing to anyone that can help me out from their own experience with online writing, or anyone who has dealt with a difficult editor (or in my case a slew of them). You see, I had my hours slashed at my office job a few months back. To make up the difference, I thought it would be a...
  10. L

    Got questions on composing, editing and proofreading your writings? Ask away!

    When writing a how-to article or any kind of writings, how should one compose the most riveting opening sentence?