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  1. R

    EPUB3 or Amazon - where to publish your eBook- challenges and advantages

    Thedigital books industry is in the middle of an important confrontationrelevant to the technology world andhas a direct effect on the consumers as well as on the writers andpublishers. Thereis a concept in the technology world- open source programs andcompanies. Open source is a social idea...
  2. Marige

    At A Crossroads... And I'd better decide soon!

    Hi, all! I just found this forum-- don't know how I missed it before. I am always looking for good, active writing forums where I can learn more about the writing field. I have been writing most of my adult life. I've written several books including a novel and two juvenile books, plus two...
  3. kowalskil

    Updating my mini-tutorial for Kindle users

    Updating my mini-tutorial for Kindle users My free online mini-tutorial for Kindle users--“Kindle 3 How To: Notes to share”--has been updated. The added Note 11, for a potential writer of a Kindle book, describes how to create an active table of contents. Writing it was a real pedagogical...
  4. C

    XinXii.com - Worldwide eBook Publishing

    If you want to self-publish your ebook worldwide, you should try out the platform XinXii (well-known in Europe)! After your registration, you can start uploading your ebooks and selling them in your own eStore at XinXii. You fix the price, you pay nothing and you get paid per download (70% as...
  5. J

    Hello world!

    I've just joined the forum and look forward to being an active contributor. I'm an English guy living in the Czech Republic. I get about 80% of my income from my writing, most of which is the specialist easy reader market for foreign learners of English. I'm interested in producing more e.books...
  6. F

    Hi to all!

    Just wanted to step in here and say hello. I came here to offer my help while gaining more knowledge from those seasoned writers. I've written two e-books. One book is how to change your mindset towards success. My second book is a workbook for new writers including blog and article writing...