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  1. JC.Axe

    X Faction Soldiers (Language; 22,000 words)

    I pace about anxiously, counting how many steps it takes to cross the width of the alleyway and back again, then folding that number over into how many times I’d made the crossing. So far, I’d taken 481 steps. This seemed like an unusual number of steps, considering it takes six paces to cross...
  2. coraelise

    Wild Blue - A Dystopian Fiction: Chapter One

    The tour must have just begun when I stumbled upon it in my woods. It had actually interrupted my search for firewood, which had intensely irritated me. I'd spent the last three early fall nights adjusting to the deep cold that suddenly began arriving between midnight and sunrise - the Rockies...
  3. R

    Brave. Chaptah One. Dun dun DUN.

    AWAKE, chapter one Two minutes and seventeen seconds. Sixteen. Fifteen. Fourteen. “Yo.” I tear my eyes away from the clock, turning to the speaker: Max Caruso. Brown hair. Brown eyes. Practically brown skin. Summer did a number on him. So has US History I. His eyes are dead. No trace of his...