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  1. gokedik

    Flying with Feathers

    My consciousness came to, on a rocky shore of a turbulent sea. Heavy, black, clouds lied in wait on a distant horizon, like the reaper himself. A canoe lay to the left. While waiting for a sign, the ‘I’ that once was, found itself pacing back and forth over soft and smooth stones, eroded by...
  2. F

    The last day

    Playing in the morn, I'd watch the rising dawn. Making friends was a child's game when life had nothing to blame. Walking the barren earth, I watch a bleeding world. With nothing left to lose; I'll cry for my memories. Standing beneath the noon as others became wicked in their ways. They tried...
  3. W

    Euthanasia (Language)

    EUTHANASIA Memories of A Dying Man JANUARY 17, 2011 Anne, A stranger told me that a dream, is the only place where a man could understand the definition, of a perfect freedom. I used to cling unto what he said. So, the moment I got home, following that 13-hour flight, I...