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  1. M

    Old Dog

    Hey guys, I haven't posted here in quite a while. Here is just something I wrote the other day spontaneously. Hope to post a little more often. Cheers My eyes roll like a fruit machine, jackpot, I’ve hit the whole lot, but back-alley puddles reflect what I ain’t seen. I ain’t all that hot...
  2. drumzii

    "Inner Demons" 2nd extract by Neal Drummond (language caution. mature theme)

    2nd extract from "Inner Demons". Essex, February 1968. "Pass it 'ere then" Jane sat up, reaching for the pipe. Hair stuck across her face, she realized she had fallen asleep on the floor with her head in a spilt drink. There was no response, bar a sleepy whimper from Rupert, her boyfriend...
  3. drumzii

    "Inner Demons" extract by Neal Drummond (language caution)

    This is a small part of my story "Inner Demons" which follows the life of Billy Haywood, a 25 year old drug addict from South London. The story started out following his abusive childhood, which led him into a life of criminality and drug abuse, and then eventually tells the story of his...
  4. J

    Tomorrow. (Jade's Letter.) (Mature and Graphic.)

    I took my main character in my romance and decided to use her character to write a completly spearate piece. She's got a drug problem in the novel, and this is a letter to someone. I'm not sure who, maybe herself. Ten months. That’s all it took. Ten short months to wipe away any strength I...
  5. ma348212

    Tinted Windows (Language, drug use)

    Two roommates sit in a BMW parked only a hundred or so feet from their first-floor dorm room. If Liam tilts his head far back enough, he can see right into their window, see the pile of emptied tobacco on his dresser. This car isn’t going anywhere. These guys, they just sit, chat, burn...
  6. Glyph

    Herb (Some Explicit Language)

    Hi everyone, so this is a story I started writing about a boy who recruits this girl on a drug mission. This is the first chapter. I would love to hear feedback - good or bad. I want to know if I should continue with this and if it has potential. If people like it, I will post up the next 3...
  7. Dave Watson

    In the Devil's Name - Debut horror novel available for Kindle

    "Dave Watson is the Christopher Brookmyre of horror. He brilliantly evokes the world of ordinary, drug taking young men on the cusp of adulthood and then rips it all apart. In the Devil’s Name is a funny, keenly-observed and fast-paced horror novel that will appeal to anyone who has ever...
  8. MrLightening

    Nostalgia Overdrive (Language)

    NOSTALGIA OVERDRIVE Somebody kill me. Please, just put me out of my misery. Take me out to the back paddock at dusk and plug a sawn off shotgun into the back of my neck. I want the blood to splatter. I want my flesh and pulp to land of the back of your hand. Dying of old age is the worst...
  9. C

    QUESTION- 1980's, sex, drugs, violence. Would you watch?

    For the past few weeks, I have been in the process of writing a show, or "series." I haven't actually written an episode yet, but I have summarized a few seasons up, and have most of the main characters described. I'm wondering if this idea were to make it big, if anybody would actually watch...
  10. R

    Ronny's Missing (Colombian Necktie)

    Disclaimer- Some harsh language I could make up some bullshit story about how I’m a big time kingpin who conducts business with drug lords out in Colombia, all the while raking in millions of dollars right under the government’s nose. I could lie and say any minute now, my men will come...
  11. misstee


    I miss her. No I don’t. In the eyes of the sinner the white is god. In the pale murky depths of my soul I see good intentions I reach out, grab, scratch as the world flickers past me at a speed only a demon knows. In the eyes of me, she is beauty. I surrender my bones to the grasp of her...