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  1. C

    Dreams Within A Dream

  2. Articulate Lady

    The Stranger and His Guitar

    The following story is based on real life events from my life: Memories in my mind. A smokey filled room, bustling with chatter. Sitting with my Honey Jack Daniels, I strike up another cigarette on my pillowlips as the mysterious guitar player across the room starts playing “When a Man Loves a...
  3. Fowly

    Favorite Music while Writing

    I'm sure everyone has something they like to listen to while tapping at the keys. Personally, I have a variety of music that I listen to to get the ideas flowing. Sometimes I'll listen to some classical like Danse Macabre or newer sound vibrations like Big Black Delta's "Dreary Moon." I like...
  4. J

    The Writer's Demise.

    No phrase applies better to the art of writing than it being a “blessing and a curse.” Writers, on one hand, are very blessed to be able to do what they do; and if they can do it well, that just adds to it. The blessing comes in because with most writers, it’s all they’ve ever had. Those loners...
  5. KarinaRetzov

    Dreams: Too Nonsensical to Keep to Yourself!

    Hello all! :hi: Being the terribly creative, sometimes strange people we are as writers, I'm sure that we've all had a fairly random (or extremely cool!) dream at one point or another! Many of my dreams have planted the seed of a story in my mind. Although, I have to be careful because often...
  6. E

    Using your dreams

    I was just wondering how often people use their dreams/nightmares as inspiration for fiction-writing. Whenever I've really enjoyed (and actually remembered) a dream I've written down the outline of it, but when I've done so I've more often than not realised that it just wouldn't work. There's...