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  1. W

    Psychological horror/thriller (but not super horror-y) but feel good at the same time?

    Is this possible? I’m trying to write a story about a little girl who‘s trapped in a creepy place, filled with creepy people (so like a metaphor for the female life 😂, it’s fantasy though, the creepy peeps are more creepy creatures) and it’s kind of connected to the human mind, and also dreams...
  2. Justin Attas

    Anyone Else a Self-Appointed, Full Time Writer?

    When I was really honest with myself, writing was always what I waned to do. Not as a hobby or side-gig. I wanted it all the time, and I had the passion to do it. So... I quit my day job to see if having time would really remedy the roadblocks to breaking out. The result... well... I'm much...
  3. M

    Pink Sky in the Morning, Des's Warning (Short Story)

    Hi everyone! This story is open to interpretation. You could say this is about a man's guilt eroding his subconscious. Thank you for reading :-) The pink sky outside was like that of a movie set: artificial and only there to set a mood. But it was barely enhancing the dimly lit bar where five...
  4. Mermaid

    Except From A Chapter In My Manuscript. Slightly Graphic So Beware. 600+ Words.

    Something small I wrote for backstory. Just a small excerpt, a serious critique would be helpful, just don't chew my head off! hehe. Roberto sat by himself. With his his knees to his chest, a protective apron, used in lab research, covering him like a blanket. Roberto stared emptily across the...
  5. S

    The mortician

    I find myself in hell, the day passes by and I say to myself oh well. I'm in a quarantine infested with maggots and drunk wishes but I endlessly find the ambition to sit next to a mortician and find a way to listen. The pathway is a bit dark and with a flash light I look up the dictionary and...
  6. Toot Sweets

    Electric Affection (short)

    Electric Affection As Rick contemplated his latest bad day on the ride home, it began to dawn on him that it was perhaps time for a career move. He knew who was waiting for him at home, he knew that seeing her would make him happy, but he wondered to himself if experiencing such euphoria at...
  7. D

    The Stall at the End (Word: 1562)

    Author Note:This story I wrote is based on a nightmare I had awhile back. Constructive Criticism is always welcome! Since I am a film major student I decided to write everything in present tense. Enjoy! Story: It is the middle of the afternoon when a quiet public bathroom is slowly being filled...
  8. A

    Peering through cigarette smoke

    Forget the balm of barometric exuberance. This night no longer young, dissipates. Recall a dewy welcome of sun-quaffed green. Yesterdays revive severed umbilical dreams. Peruse this present but fleeting acumen. Today ceases yet emerges again tomorrow. Ignite that kindling of...
  9. S.M. grimbldoo

    Gatsby's Dream

    Gatsby’s Dream Over ninety years ago, in the 1920s, the American dream was flowing at full force. Like nowhere else in the world, humans had the chance to rise up from the lows of society. Many people were entranced by the allure of the American dream. Being able to better yourself was as...
  10. Nemesis

    Incubi Dream

    The incubi lay in turquoise fields Through which a dark stream passes Conscious onyx rivers, its ebony swirls Surrounding fair skinned willows Those maidens with boughs of bloodied hearts Pulsing, tendrilling leaves that beckon Through and beneath a sweet lavender haze In the place where the...
  11. R

    Heart of the Earth

    Hey, guys. This is my semi-new story and has been my main writing project for some time, and I'd really appreciate your opinion and criticisms. I'll update this with more chapters as soon as I write some more. Enjoy! HEART OF THE EARTH Chapter 1 The winds howled like banshees as they flew...
  12. D

    My Ithaki

    "What I love in you is Your astonishing beauty, Your smile... Your beauty is of a very unique kind… I have not seen that before in my life… Pure, elegant, distinctive, Just simply, breathtaking…. What I love in your beauty Is the shape of your eyes… They are unique. They are well...
  13. R

    The Dream World [CHAPTER ONE]

    Hey, guys. I'm new here, as you can probably tell. This is my first ever story to be of this length. This chapter, however, is from a few months ago; I already have several others in store. I'll release them one at a time if there's enough positive feedback on this one. So please criticize...
  14. Robert

    For A Moment

    I once had a dream of the perfect kiss With the perfect touch from the perfect lips.... My dream has been swallowed up in reality For I have shared a kiss with an angel As you leaned in to me ever so gently Brushing my cheek with your own Leaving a soft imprint of your lips upon me there And as...