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  1. E

    The Song of the Dragon-Wife

    You thought you could just run away… Make me a cuckold on our wedding day… Well it’s not that easy to flee from me, You horrible, faithless, monstrous flea! I’m coming, it’s time to judge you and your whore Let’s see you trapped behind the cage door To be mocked and pelted with burning filth...
  2. E

    The Beast

    Don’t let the beast out, they say Fear what’s hidden deep within, drown it Smother the spark before it smothers you I am a perfect prince Don’t dream of flight Don’t stare at the fire Pray and pray, fear the fire and flame Beware the light, hide your soul in darkness It’s the only way to...
  3. Scr1pter

    Dragon Touched (Contains some explicit lyrics)

    Some times I lose my mind// Like a fuse in bruise burning up my spine// Like a count down And there ain't no fucking use in trying// To reduce the insanity Man God damn see I Can't press rewind// Try to get away In hall way feel an start to see the signs// I can't breathe gotta leave no...
  4. Apex Predator

    "SIX PIECES IN TETHYRA" | Prologue (1,270 words)

    [Welcome to the introduction to my novel! I have decided to put my skills to the test and fulfill my goal of writing a fantasy adventure. It is still a work-in-progress though I have completed a few chapters already. I will post one new chapter once per week for your critique, approval (and...
  5. M

    Circles of Red: The Hunt Begins

    I figured since I'm new here, I would post a portion of the short story I'm currently working on. Hope you enjoy it, feel free to leave any critique. P.S Hope I got the format right, It's kinda wierd. The wind beat relentlessly against him as he accelerated towards the clouds above. An...
  6. Elvenswordsman

    When the definition of a word differs, should one not fall to the popular usage?

    The new hobbit films have come to call Smaug a fire drake. Any use of a dictionary to find the word Drake will result in an understanding that Smaug must be a fire (male duck). Without including the keyword "dragon" alongside "drake", you will not find out that Drake is a term used in Archaic...
  7. S

    Aqua at play

    My most reviewed SS and many have said I should make into a childrens book. This is the second story of Blu, Aqua and Azuless. The first is at least PG13, this one is pure G. Aqua Joltson, hatchling dragon daughter of Azuleton Joltson, wanted to rush out into the exciting world...