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  1. Chris Stevenson

    Book to Film Pro Analysis

    I used a film manager to evaluate my book for film possibility, just one of the things I'm doing to begin this process. I have a screenwriter on deck for the project and have already turned in my pitch letter and log lines to my agent. Anyway, here is the report after he'd read the book. I did...
  2. P

    Hopelessness in drafting

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who has been/is in the situation where writing almost becomes depressing. I try so hard to incorporate all the aspects of a great story into my writing but I need some advice. I'm doing what seems to be a "must" and have introduced the main characters, the...
  3. SerenataImmortale

    Potential copyright issues due to early drafts?

    Okay, confession time. When I was young and naive I used to write... *sigh*... fanfiction. I won't join in on the fanfiction debate, but I will admit that I am not exactly proud of what I wrote back at that age. Long story short, the novel I'm working on now started out in its earliest forms...