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  1. JellyTrigger

    DARK HALLS (Part One)

    Dear Writing Forums Community, Due to unfortunate events, I haven't had the chance to upload my novice project. I appreciate all who provide me with constructive criticism after reading my story. I now present to you, DARK HALLS. Enjoy! Sincerely, Christian Rodriguez The Newbie Writer DARK...
  2. T

    Untitled Young adult Sci-fi fantasy novel first draft 1st chapter ROUGH DRAFT

    Okay, this is a first draft of a Young Adult Sci-fi fantasy novel I am currently writing. I know my punctuation and grammar can be atrocious. Take in that I have only been focusing on the general story at this point. The refinement will come later ;-). This is the first chapter after the...
  3. H

    Halfway through first draft..

    .. And I've slumped. It's my first attempt at writing a fiction novel after years of poems and short stories, and an idea I've had bouncing around my head for about 2/3 years or so. I put it down to a combination of factors (Being stuck on a scene whereby I need an inventive trap set by my main...