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  1. Rojack79

    Thread Consolidation! Or Thread Necromancey!!

    As some of you may or may not know I have a bit of a history on here. Some of my previous threads have devolved into nothing more than petty squabbles about who is right in my opinion. So with this thread I plan on reintroducing my work to thia lovely online community with the hope that I can...
  2. Noth

    Discussion about world building

    I've had a lot of work for a long time and I've recently started to write again thanks to the free time that summer provides :joyous: World building is important to write (I know that) but I was wondering how far people go when world building for a fictional book. Right now I am writing notes...
  3. I

    Me again..

    I have already introduced myself...well sort of. anyway. I have a site where i have other works of mine, as a sort of introduction, feel free to read and comment. You can even join. Thanks. Expression Through Words - Home IreneWriter.