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  1. Kentobu

    The Darkwoods Pack: The Hunt (Extreme Violence) - (2512 words)

    This is the first ever of my series of paleo-stories. That is my word for the type of stories I am writing at the moment. They are my attempts at imagining an age man has never been able to see, and that fascinates millions around the world. I try to do this in a realistic and accurate manner...
  2. W

    Alfie and the Dinosaur

    This is my attempt at a short childrens story, I wrote it for my little cousin as a christmas present, he seems to like it, I hope you do to Alfie and the Dinosaur Once upon a time there was a little boy called Alfie, who lived in a house with his Mummy, Nana and Granddad. One day Alfie’s...