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  1. lumino

    Precision and Style

    I have observed in the works I have read, that the diction of each one is precise, and yet different from all others in style. And that it should have one quality and also the other seems to my mind contradictory, for I have been told that in the English language there are no synonyms which have...
  2. lumino

    You know what I just realized?

    I was just looking at some things I wrote several years ago, and it has become evident to me that my linguistic skills may have been better back then. My words were clear, they were easy to understand, and they flowed. Not only that, but I wrote them by revising as I wrote, that is to say, I did...
  3. lumino

    Style Limited by Form

    The title of this thread should be: Style Limited by Content When reading the works of different authors, I see that each of them have a quality of voice that differs from that of the others, which I attribute to cadence or prose rhythm. But I fail to see how the words they use differ from the...