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  1. sayyoulllstaygold

    My first time.

    This is my first time posting on here, I'll admit I'm a little nervous. I am simply looking for some advice, encouragement, critique. I have had a few people read what I have written so far and I feel that I needs some honest opinions. Don't hold back tell me what you hate and what you love...
  2. The Blue Pencil

    Shooting the guns!!

    I'm a member of a shooting sports club, and last week I was invited to Precision Shooting! I was so thrilled and honored. When I went to try out I didn't think I shot very well but the instructors seemed to disagree. Precision is a lot more interesting than sporting. I wear a straight jacket...
  3. BunnyBabe


    Hey everyone!!! So, recently I started using this website called opendiary.com and I just posted my first entry. The web address is pretty self explanatory, it's a place where you can write diary entries online for others to see. You can also set it to where only you see the diary entry. It's...
  4. A

    Day by Day - part 1- Diary of Gordon

    I was sitting down to dinner [that is supper as he would say] with my Grandfather. As I munched down on my cabbage rolls and dice of chicken breast; I was trying to explain to the Lord, my God, that it would have been easier for me to suffer my lessons immediately and be forgiven of those...