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  1. Lumiiberry

    Writing an Abusive Character Advice?

    I'm trying to write my protagonist's partner to be an abusive creep that trapped her in a relationship for a few years. My protagonist grew up incredibly sheltered, and I want to creating a slow boil effect. Her partner is nonbinary (not that it matters, but I wanted to clarify), and I want to...
  2. Paglia

    Excerpt (contains a swear)

    opinions? Man and Natalie are people. ------------------------------- “Natalie, listen to me—” “No,” she sobbed. “No.” “You can change it, make things better—” “No!” Natalie shrieked. “I don’t want to change anything!” “No— listen, Natalie,” Man tried desperately. “Please,” he begged. Man...
  3. grant-g

    A letter to Sofonisba Anguissola

    The following is from my blog, it is also my Womens Studies - Women in Art homework. It is a reality based letter to, whom is considered, the first ever Female Artist: Sofonisba Anguissola. She was a 16th century daughter of an Aristocratic Italian family. It is meant to discuss her...
  4. sayyoulllstaygold

    Having some trouble with my dialogue

    I feel like I am not describing enough of the environment in my writing because I use dialogue so frequently. Does anyone have any tips for me? Here is an example of something I am working on. Ayden’s worried face raced around the corner and as soon as his eyes hit mine I lost it. I couldn’t...