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  1. C

    A Letter to a Friend

    *****, I wanted to write you a personal message. I, obviously have been responding to several of your posts lately, and I wanted to give you a little more insight into why. As you can see by my photos. I am very much in love with nature. I have spent many hours, by myself, deep in the...
  2. F

    The Meaning

    Staring at the painting he wonders if there is any meaning. The blackened canvas holds a single line of light that barely arches across the frame. Beginning around the middle of the frame the line creeps out from the black background to a brilliant white division in the darkness. Then it fades...
  3. S

    An excerpt from The Life of Death (And Tim)

    I got to the DMV, and managed to sneak my way into the manager’s office. His name was Jim-seriously, that’s all his name plate said: Jim. He wore a powder blue button up, and a stained piano tie-for some reason, he was way too glad to see me. “Hey Champ!” He called out, “Are you the new...
  4. R

    Musing on the Demise of the Muse

    when the clack of keyboards cease and pages of unbound books scattered by the indolent breeze produce a melancholy dirge think of all the unwritten words that remain stillborn in the mind much like the gilded pheasant out of the snare and into the fire
  5. J

    The Sound Of Death

    I find myself carrying water, Purified, In this hallway, Down the sloped ramp, Towards the door. I hear the infernal hissing, All around, And the car outside, The headlights switch off. All the lights go out, I continue walking, Towards the door. It never gets closer, No matter how much I...
  6. S

    A Fear of Silence

    I am the type of person whose presence in a room is futile. I do nothing to add to its ambience, I add no colour to a photograph. I am not part of the furniture as furniture has a type of functional purpose, even ornamental pieces add an aesthetic element to a room. People who make the...
  7. W

    Love At First Sight

    LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT Anonymous: Hey Anne, may I borrow your bag? Anne: (Handed it over- Quite confused...) Anonymous: (Tagged a key-chain to her bag) They say it brings good luck.. (Smiled and left.) Anne: (Clueless.. She was left staring at that boy as he walks away.) For months...
  8. R

    Up in Flames

    ( I apologize if this turns out a wall of text, I re-entered tabs twice but they weren't showing up in the preview for some reason. Sorry!) I walk home from work everyday, but this time there was a strange ringing in my ears, and my steps were forced heavier through the muddy...
  9. R

    Ronny's Missing (Colombian Necktie)

    Disclaimer- Some harsh language I could make up some bullshit story about how I’m a big time kingpin who conducts business with drug lords out in Colombia, all the while raking in millions of dollars right under the government’s nose. I could lie and say any minute now, my men will come...
  10. Amine

    The Orchid Path -First Chapter-

    Prelude to the Percussion A war is a horrendous thing, full of vicious pain and deep terror, brutal betrayment and sorrowful loss. It makes avid believers into wary skeptics, the forever faithful into the ever traitorous, corrupting and bending, morphing life. No one but those who witness it...
  11. L

    My Frickin’ Letter from the Afterlife

    My Frickin’ Letter from the Afterlife My first attempt at a humorous short story. Be honest, because it's probably pretty bad. --------------- There’s something I have to tell you. It may be the last thing I tell anyone, but I need to let it out. The feeling fills my body, and I don’t know...