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  1. Otviss


    There are birds that saw in pears. Yeah. Imagine. Either sawing with their wings like people? or with their beak, then graciously fly away. Just sawing in pears with a normal saw probably. But only in the middle. Tiny tiny tiny saws. They do that and you hear. You actually hear! The loud but...
  2. W

    Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

    It was a warm summer night in LA, August ’69, A single night of infamy and psychic darkness for mankind. Sharon Tate was close to fulfilling her empty outcries, when the night burned its cloak in the sunrise. Earlier before dawn, a quiet eerie breeze came alive and kept blowin’ down the canyon...
  3. R

    A Passel of Plumeria

    This time the news was completely delivered in under a minute, but I caught it and it made me rise from my seat. “Yes!” I heard myself say to the TV. “Yes! Of course!” It was 1992 now and while years had passed since Walter and Anna Marie were an object of media interest I, for one...
  4. G

    A love story that I'd like to cite.

    She liked him. He liked her. Marriage seemed like a natural transition. * Marriage day became a doomsday for them, they didn't cite their marriage properly. * The marriage bureau sued them, for citation errors and honor code violation. * The syntax was off, the period was missing, The...
  5. A

    Svet(The light)-Russian based short story-

    Hello everyone,i am glad to be able to share my newborn story with you.This story should be read in a russian accent if possible. The cold sidewalk was so empty,first time that I felt...something real.Booze used to drive my life,my way of thinking.Now i'm moving alone,along...
  6. M

    In the Pits of Happiness

    Might have to delete this post! It's messed up on my computer!
  7. W

    Chemo (Short Story)

    Chemo The radio kicked and sputtered – then suddenly, sound. A still came over me as Bruce Springsteen’s “Back in Your Arms” filled the car. My pupils dilate as the melody melts the world around me. My breathing slows, and my body relaxes. I take a breath. It was a horrible, horrible...
  8. kbsmith


    I slaughter to hear your sighs I plunder, beg, and curse Yet you never bat your eyes. You, the surveyors of life. Though you'd kill to make this burden light, (reshape, reform, teach them right) I find the weight it holds is death. If not unto oneself then unto someone else.
  9. gokedik

    Flying with Feathers

    My consciousness came to, on a rocky shore of a turbulent sea. Heavy, black, clouds lied in wait on a distant horizon, like the reaper himself. A canoe lay to the left. While waiting for a sign, the ‘I’ that once was, found itself pacing back and forth over soft and smooth stones, eroded by...
  10. fpak

    Flash fiction: The dying of the light

    The dying of the light It was midnight and we were on a boat in the middle of the Dubai creek when Tariq finally talked to me about it. “You know, I’m still not sure I’ve forgiven myself.” he said. The Dhow rocked gently and I could hear the lapping of the...
  11. fpak

    Flash fiction: Baby

    Before beginning the story I just thought I might highlight that Ammu and the narrator Nabil have had an arranged marriage. It is quite common among Indians and Muslims and I did not want to leave anyone who reads this here scratching their heads at certain points in the story. ​ Baby The...
  12. gokedik

    Dominoes in the Sand (Part 8 of an ending adult journey)

    “I’m gonna’give him some oxygen.” Michelle said then left the room and came back with a mask. She gently picked up Dillon’s head and manipulated the mask getting the band behind his head and the mask over his nose. She was a pro and Carol appreciated it, not knowing that she was so attentive...
  13. gokedik

    The Easy(?) Way Out

    My Grandmother committed suicide, in May, 1998. But every suicide is like an iceberg, there’s a lot more to it. She shot herself with the gun that I touched as a child. The police report said that is was a .38 but I know for a fact it was a .32, I played with it, a child knows their favorite...
  14. gokedik

    Economic Genocide

    Citizenship is the US is over-rated. The opportunity they advertise is the ability to contribute to the free market machine by holding minimum wage employment that WILL NOT support a family of two adults, much less children. And rising above the bottom is fraught with roadblocks of language and...
  15. gokedik

    A Home to Disturb

    Spending six years in different nursing homes, due to health needs both physical and physiological, I have seen how they work. And from insiders I was told how they were supposed to work. The safety of the patients which was ideally at the top of the job list, unfortunately was pushed to the...
  16. gokedik

    SHAME on the USA

    Imperial Shame Tonight the US government has shut down, unable to agree on how to divide the money in the petty cash box beneath the Senate majority leader’s oak and velvet seat. Squabbling over funds that really aren’t theirs to begin with. We are floating on a magic carpet that would...
  17. LunarFuror

    [No title] - a flash fiction

    Just an idea rolling around in my head for now. Oft these demons rob me of sleep... "How long will you continue to haunt me?" Sesh whispered "How long will you rob me of my sleep, haunting my every memory and waking hour? How long until you set me free of these shackles, forged of memories in...
  18. M

    Universal Imbalance - a work-in-progress novel (language)

    Hey everybody! I'm new to the boards, and I have recently begun working on a novel that I'd like to share. I have it all (generally) plotted out from chapter to chapter, now I just gotta flesh it out into a full story. Although there's not strong language in this prologue, there will be later...
  19. J

    Don't Follow Me Down

    This was something I wrote, inspired by the song "Won't See You Tonight Part 1" By Avenged Sevenfold. Be easy on me, I'm normally a prose writer. I finally did it, tonight, I won’t be seen. To put it kindly, this bullet wiped me clean. Forgive me for what I did, but I had to leave Give me...
  20. C

    A Letter to a Friend

    *****, I wanted to write you a personal message. I, obviously have been responding to several of your posts lately, and I wanted to give you a little more insight into why. As you can see by my photos. I am very much in love with nature. I have spent many hours, by myself, deep in the...