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death and dying

  1. Lordoomer

    I have this idea for a book named Doomer the Shadow of Death

    It's about a guy who got killed by a violent gang of radical leftists because he was falsely accused of rape by their gang leader , but when he died, he had his chance of coming back to life if he won a game of Chess against the Grim Reaper, but if he loose then he goes to his earned afterlife...
  2. Hatedflame

    **CAUTION: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE** Tiebreaker (a chaotic poem)

    I’m thinking about a guy, a guy that’s begging to be written about, that hangs around my ankles and tells me he won’t leave until I flatten him into this paper. I’m thinking about a guy, and he’s an everybody-guy, which isn’t to say he can’t be my guy, even if that’s essentially the same thing...
  3. H

    Eternity’s Peace

    Waxing and waning along mortality’s divide, Hope’s compassionate eloquence, embraced. Visions, friends, confusion, gathered vigilance. Ego’s grievances seek reverence. Pain subsides. Resolve succumbs to frailty, consciousness fades. Breath falls still. Life relinquished, eternity’s...
  4. H

    Space Reimagined

    Failing health’s gravitational pull, lifestyle’s independent abode, depart. Guided, hand to key. Closed door, revealed. Rusted hinge, tarnished lock. Faith, ambition’s promise. Patience, negotiation’s way, stewardship granted. Rafters to cellar, winter solstice of dusty gray. Spider’s veil...