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  1. T

    How would one write a monologue

    So in the middle of my story, Misako is all alone wandering a twisted maze of mirrors and taking a rest, she stops at one of the mirrors and begins a dark monologue about herself in general, and to her surprise, her reflection answers back. Thing is, I have never written a monologue before, so...
  2. lumino

    A Strange Event

    I haven't written much fiction throughout my life. I have been adult for a while now but I haven't written a lot compared to most people who want to be writers. I know that this is probably not very good, and I think I have written better things in the past. Since I am not accustomed to writing...
  3. P

    New York By Bloodlight

    New York night-time migraine pounding music against backing vocals, screaming and sirens wail yellow cab simmers out of greasy, grey fog splashing through wet, sweaty, red light streets The driver's dead eyes watch from his window blood black in the moonlight seeping through a man's fading...
  4. S

    Darkness Lost ( Sestina )

    Introduction Because we are at heart a creative community, we try to keep things free and simple at Writing Forums. However, our community falls apart without the right rules and guidelines to protect our hard work and reputation. We know this from first hand experience. We aren’t going to...
  5. J

    Véradó – The Workers (excerpt)

    The motorbikes pulled up outside the huge oak gates; simultaneously they shut off their engines, shocking the dark dusty road into silence. Displayed above the gates, a large wooden sign with the words Zeus Xenia burnt into it, welcomed the three men home. They dismounted their bikes and were...
  6. misstee


    I miss her. No I don’t. In the eyes of the sinner the white is god. In the pale murky depths of my soul I see good intentions I reach out, grab, scratch as the world flickers past me at a speed only a demon knows. In the eyes of me, she is beauty. I surrender my bones to the grasp of her...